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The 10 Queries to Ask a Breast Augmentation Surgeon


If you are planning to have breast augmentation, it is wise to ask a few questions so that you have a rough idea about the procedure and the outcome. Here is the list of questions to ask a Newport Beach breast augmentation surgeon.


  1. Is it a safe procedure?

Ask the surgeon so that he can assure you whether it is safe or risky. Though most surgeries may have their a few side effects alongside the benefits, let the tummy tuck orange county surgeon explain to you.


  1. How long does breast implant last?

Before you make a final decision, ask the surgeon how long the implants last. You just want breast implants when there is a rational reason. So, ask how long the implants last based on your implant goals.


  1. Silicone or Saline, which is better?

Each option has its benefits in terms of quality, body size, and cost implications. Let the surgeon explain so that you understand the difference between the two. He may also recommend what's suitable for your body.


  1. Which is the suitable implant size?

Breast implants are customized depending on the outcome for an individual. Your best size may differ from that of your friend. So, let the orange county tummy tuck surgeon explain that before you decide on what you want.


  1. What is the overall cost?

This is a vital question that many people will never skip. This question will help you organize yourself financially. But don't compromise the quality of surgery with a low cost.


  1. What about the surgery procedure?

The surgeon will explain this question, though the procedure usually takes at most two hours. Ask about procedure specifics as surgeons work differently based on their preferences.


  1. Which implant creates a more natural outcome?

There are several aspects that influence the final implant outcome. One of the aspects is the implant placement, whether over or under the pectoral tissues. Others include body type, skin thickness, chest wall, and breast volume.


  1. What is the ideal incision site?

Since there are 3 major incision sites for breast implantation, your surgeon will explain that question appropriately. Each site has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, dig deeper to understand the concept well.


  1. How long does recovery take?

This is after the augmentation is done. Ask about the home chores to handle and which to avoid during the recovery period.


  1. Can you get pregnant soon after augmentation or not?

This is very crucial because you need to understand how you can plan for your pregnancy so that it doesn't interfere with the surgery timing.